Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pre-Drywall Meeting Today

Today is my pry-drywall meeting. I expect to go pretty smoothly, I had my inspector go out on Monday and he was really pleased with the everything. He only had few things that needed to be fixed. 
1.There was a small tear on the wrapping of the insulation.
2. Third wall stud is bowed between the second floor front bedrooms. Stud needs to be replaced to prevent bow in drywall. 
3. Small hole in the sheathing along left side wall in the second floor
4. Roof decking is covered with felt paper but is torn, so it needs to be re-installed  prior to installing shingles.

Ironically, my PM showed up during the inspection and was marking some the of same issues. So hopefully those have been corrected by out 3:30 meeting. 


  1. We both have the same meeting today! =) GL!! I hope he got it all fixed for you!