Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am a HOMEOWNER!!!!!!!!

If feels so good to finally say....I AM A HOMEOWNER!!!!!! Settlement was a breeze, it took less than an hour! I got everything moved in on Saturday. Now for the fun of unpacking.

I got my blinds and ceiling fans installed, and had my refrigerator delivered on Friday. I wanted to get those items completed before we starting moving in my things.

As of yesterday I have DirecTV...now if I can find time to explore and determine how I like them. First impression...I think I am going to love them, as soon as learn the channels.

I just wanted to give an update, I will come back and provide more soon. Thanks everyone for the well wishes! Talk to you soon.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Almost Closing time...

Well, I can't believe it's less than 10 before settlement time. Where has the time gone? This week has been really busy. My final walkthrough was on Tuesday, overall everything went well. There were a few areas that needed to be touched up. My PM was on top of it all, we met on Thursday and everything looked good. Kudos to my PM! He is probably happier than I am that this day has come. :)

I am packed and ready to go! Hoping to get some things moved Friday night. Most of will be done Saturday, hopefully early before the rain starts. Well I am going to attempt to get some shut eye... Not sure how successful I will be.

Thanks everyone for being a sounding board. Because of you, this process was a little less stressful!

I am truly blessed beyond measures! God gets all the glory.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Well it has been confirmed that Ryan Home did meet the code requirement with the dishwasher. Since it is not hard wired then a wall switch is not required. So glad to hear that news. My inspector even contacted a county code inspector to confirm.
I have my final walkthrough on Tuesday. OMG where has the time gone? Next Saturday this time, I should be really exhausted.... In MY home!!!!! Thank God for his blessings!
Cable... Well no progress. In fact, I will have phone and Internet through the local phone company. Of course fios is also not an option at this time. For TV, a couple of friends have almost convinced me to give satellite service a try. Maybe I am more afraid of change than I thought.
Well that's the latest, packing is 80% completed. I guess this will be the long five days of my life!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Inspection went well

Friday I had my third party inspection. Overall the inspector was very excited about what Ryan home had done.

Here are the changes he suggested:

Needs Repair
1. Gaps noted in the brick siding between the garage and front porch. Gaps need to be sealed.
Gap noted between shingles and vinyl siding at the left side bay window needs to be sealed.
2. Window screen missing for the side den window. Window screen needs to be replaced.
3. Recommend sealing gap over the front entry door.
Front entry door is loose in frame when closed. Recommend adjusting catch plate to allow for proper closure of the front door.

4. Recommend placing smoke detectors on the same circuit so they all sound when one is set off.
5. Missing switch cover plate for the attic light needs to be replaced.

6. Insulation on lineset to furnace in attic needs to extend to wall of unit and be sealed. Standing water noted in the drain pan.
Heating - Fireplace
7. Gas logs were not operating at time of inspection. Gas logs need to be repaired. PM says the lines needed to be bled, they are now working.

8. Hinges are loose on the swivel kitchen cabinet door beside the stove. Hinges need to be tightened.
9. Damaged drywall noted in the water heater closet needs to be repaired.
10. Window springs are loose and noisy in the rear dining room window. Window needs to be repaired.

11. Dishwasher should have a wall switch for use as a disconnect. - PM says the dishwasher is not hardwired and is plugged in the back. So the switch is not required. I'm waiting for the inspector to confirm.

PM says none of the requests are major issues and all should be corrected this week. Except the dishwasher switch. On the cable issue from my previous post, I'm still making phone calls. I hope to have a positive update soon. Fingers crossed.