Thursday, June 30, 2011


I stopped by today and had my sales rep escort me through the house. (I like her and all, but did she really need to follow me around? oh well)  It's starting to come together really nice, in my opinion that is.

I'm glad my PM suggested I upgrade to wider driveway.

Light fixtures are in.

I am in love with the bay window. (As of now my unit is only one they approved.)

I love all of the cabinets.

I was busy talking with my rep, I neglected to take pictures of upstairs. I just might have to make another trip over. :) I want to go back with my other camera, I had my small point and shoot, so the pics look a little dark.

Electrical  and Guardian work completed, plumbing should be done by end of week. Flooring will be done next week.

As fast as things are moving, I am starting to wonder why my settlement date is not until Aug 12th. I guess there is more to be done than I realize. As of today, I have officially notified my property manager of my intent to vacate by Aug 15th. I guess this is really happening. Anyone want to help me begin packing?

Best news of all, I locked in at 4.375 on Monday, just before the rates started to rise again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Settlement date scheduled...

Drum roll please....... August 12th is the date! OMG, I'm so excited. It time begin making preparations for the move.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pre-Settlement Demonstration is scheduled

My pre-settlement demonstration is scheduled for August 9th. I'm still waiting for the closing date. I'm told its usually within 3-5 days. This means its time to begin making preparations, as I mentioned before, I won't be able to take time off from work in August and maybe September. So I'll have to strategically plan my moving.

Next on the agenda, lock in on interest rates. Looks like rates have been constant for the last week. Thinking about making that move soon. My loan officer is sending me daily updates as along as I send an email to request rates.

What did I miss while on vacation?

**Added pictures.

After being away for a week, I was anxious to see what had transpired. First thing I saw were the shingles on the roof.

There were doors galore in the garage.

And boxes of Cabinets galore.

And yes, WALLS! I can no longer look through the frames.

I had one of my friends with me, so here is a shot with me in it.

And a shot from the next street.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A week is a long time....

I am out of town visiting my my family for a week. What was I thinking? Well, I had a wedding to attend on the 11th, my birthday is on the 16th, and Father's day is on the 19th. So I decided to make this week all about family. 
With that being said....that is a long time to go without being able to ride by and see what has changed daily or at least every other day. Needless to say, I cant wait to see the progress when I return Monday morning.

When I left on Saturday, the front was bricked, and the drywall had begun. 

When I return, the drywall should be completed, the roof should be completed, and should have siding. I am sooooo excited!

My PM said he should have my closing date by today, so I sent him an email as he suggested. Waiting to hear from him.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pre-Drywall Meeting Went Well

Today was the pre-drywall meeting. Everything went well. The items I mentioned in the previous post have been taken care of as well as some additional items the PM found. I was very pleased with the attention to detail my PM is showing.

The workers we busy laying bricks on the front. (pictures to come later).

I guess there had to be one downfall. I still don't have a closing date. My PM said he should have an exact date no later than Thursday of next week. But we are looking at around the first couple of weeks in August. (The month I'm not allowed to take vacation). I'll find a way!
As for rest of the week and next we should have brick,siding, roof, and dry-wall completed. Also, inspections including Energy Star will be done this week.

I'll post pictures tomorrow, I am too tired tonight.

Pre-Drywall Meeting Today

Today is my pry-drywall meeting. I expect to go pretty smoothly, I had my inspector go out on Monday and he was really pleased with the everything. He only had few things that needed to be fixed. 
1.There was a small tear on the wrapping of the insulation.
2. Third wall stud is bowed between the second floor front bedrooms. Stud needs to be replaced to prevent bow in drywall. 
3. Small hole in the sheathing along left side wall in the second floor
4. Roof decking is covered with felt paper but is torn, so it needs to be re-installed  prior to installing shingles.

Ironically, my PM showed up during the inspection and was marking some the of same issues. So hopefully those have been corrected by out 3:30 meeting. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 While I was inside, I took a few pictures....

View from the next street over
View from front door
Family room

Master Bedroom

PM Update and Meeting w/ Guardian #2

Got a an update from my PM today (after I sent an email)... here is the scoop:

  • Windows/Doors being delivered tomorrow and should be installed by Saturday HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical/Guardian Wiring should all be completed by Monday/Tuesday
  • Pre-Drywall Inspections next week 
  • Pre-Drywall meeting Wednesday @ 3:30.

Things are starting to move quickly.

The Guardian meeting did not take long at sure was HOT in there. The rep was good at offering advice but allowing me to make the final decision. Let's hope I chose the right locations.

Meeting #2 w/ Guardian today

I haven't been by since Sunday, so I am excited to see what progress has been made. I'll let you know after my 5:30 meeting. I'm also I am supposed to know exactly where I want my cable/data outlets this soon...decisions decisions.

SN: my PM is officially a slacker, I see that I have to stay on top of him. Holidays doesn't equal no update. He could have at least called the next day. Of course you know, he got a nice little email first thing this morning.