Thursday, June 30, 2011


I stopped by today and had my sales rep escort me through the house. (I like her and all, but did she really need to follow me around? oh well)  It's starting to come together really nice, in my opinion that is.

I'm glad my PM suggested I upgrade to wider driveway.

Light fixtures are in.

I am in love with the bay window. (As of now my unit is only one they approved.)

I love all of the cabinets.

I was busy talking with my rep, I neglected to take pictures of upstairs. I just might have to make another trip over. :) I want to go back with my other camera, I had my small point and shoot, so the pics look a little dark.

Electrical  and Guardian work completed, plumbing should be done by end of week. Flooring will be done next week.

As fast as things are moving, I am starting to wonder why my settlement date is not until Aug 12th. I guess there is more to be done than I realize. As of today, I have officially notified my property manager of my intent to vacate by Aug 15th. I guess this is really happening. Anyone want to help me begin packing?

Best news of all, I locked in at 4.375 on Monday, just before the rates started to rise again.


  1. Love the pictures. Great rate by the way!!! We are so excited to see that everything is going as planned and before you know it you will be moving in. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the arch hallways! They are really pretty!

  3. Loving it all!!! WOW!!! Nice!!

    I went by our place today and we have lights now too!! We've pretty much been on the same schedule, so I'm not sure why your closing is so much later than mine (July 22). It may be because the people who need to do the inspections are backed up. *shrugs*

    Your house is gorgeous!!!

  4. I agree with LaLady - The arched hallways are awesome...and that is one FANTASTIC rate!!!

  5. Thanks everyone! !ts been so much fun sharing with you all. I a can't wait until it's all completed. Watching the different phases has been a joy.

    I am thankful I was able to lock in at that right.

    @Noey it seems that we are still on the same schedule with the exception of the final walkthrough and settlement. I'm sure there is some calculated reason, who knows.