Monday, May 30, 2011

Not much happened...

I rode by Sunday morning, I was disappointed... nothing much changed from Thursday. I'm sure the rain had a little to do with the lack of progress.
With today being a holiday, it will probably be no work done.

Good news, I am meeting Guardian on Wednesday, so there should be alot of work going on over the next couple of days.



    No work over this holiday weekend (which I expected. They worked so hard already). And... I meet with Guardian on Wed. too!! My Guardian rep said they are scheduled to do the work on Thursday, so I know at least that is getting done this week.

    COOL!! The same schedule!! GL with your meeting!

  2. How dare they take off for the holidays. LOL, just kidding. They will get it done.

    We are still on the same schedule. Guardian is scheduled to their work on Thursday too.