Monday, August 1, 2011

Inspection went well

Friday I had my third party inspection. Overall the inspector was very excited about what Ryan home had done.

Here are the changes he suggested:

Needs Repair
1. Gaps noted in the brick siding between the garage and front porch. Gaps need to be sealed.
Gap noted between shingles and vinyl siding at the left side bay window needs to be sealed.
2. Window screen missing for the side den window. Window screen needs to be replaced.
3. Recommend sealing gap over the front entry door.
Front entry door is loose in frame when closed. Recommend adjusting catch plate to allow for proper closure of the front door.

4. Recommend placing smoke detectors on the same circuit so they all sound when one is set off.
5. Missing switch cover plate for the attic light needs to be replaced.

6. Insulation on lineset to furnace in attic needs to extend to wall of unit and be sealed. Standing water noted in the drain pan.
Heating - Fireplace
7. Gas logs were not operating at time of inspection. Gas logs need to be repaired. PM says the lines needed to be bled, they are now working.

8. Hinges are loose on the swivel kitchen cabinet door beside the stove. Hinges need to be tightened.
9. Damaged drywall noted in the water heater closet needs to be repaired.
10. Window springs are loose and noisy in the rear dining room window. Window needs to be repaired.

11. Dishwasher should have a wall switch for use as a disconnect. - PM says the dishwasher is not hardwired and is plugged in the back. So the switch is not required. I'm waiting for the inspector to confirm.

PM says none of the requests are major issues and all should be corrected this week. Except the dishwasher switch. On the cable issue from my previous post, I'm still making phone calls. I hope to have a positive update soon. Fingers crossed.


  1. huh. All our fire detectors are set to go off if one does. I thought that was a Ryan Standard.

    I'm a little confused on the switch to the dishwasher too. I thought they all came with switches.

    All and all it sounds like mostly minor things, easy fixes. That's great!

    Keep us posted on both the dishwasher thing and cable issue! GL! Glad it went well!

  2. I agree regarding the smoke detectors. Ours are all on the same circuit with the design to set them all off if one goes off, plus in addition to that we also have ones that are provided as part of the Guardian system which will notify Guardian if they go off.

    Regarding the switch for the dishwasher. I have never heard of that requirement, nor have I ever had a dishwasher with a switch. Why would you ever need to "disconnect" your dishwasher where you wouldn't unplug it or turn off power to it at the main electrical panel?

  3. I agree, the fire alarm issue is no brainer. I just have to believe they planning to have them on the same circuit but for some reason hadn't gotten to it yet. At any rate its now noted.

    As far as the dishwasher switch, it's a code requirement for my state. It was implemented in recent years. So I'm waiting to hear from my inspector as to if it depends on if it's hardwired or not. The switch would be used for emergency shut off instead having to go to the circuit panel.