Sunday, July 24, 2011

We are rolling right along....

Got word from my LO, that she was sending everything in for final underwriting on Friday. Praying everything continues to work out without a hitch.

I went by on Friday, my PM was busy going through all of the units doing his thing. So I was able to wander around on my own. We are very close to having everything completed, PM is working now to get all inspections passed. While also going through and touching up any nicks they see.

Here are a few pictures ...I'm so excited.
Door Painted, landscaping done

Hardwood Floors

Gas logs, won't be using them for a while

Wish me luck we keeping the floor shining


Microwave and Stove, guess I really need to be shopping for a refrigerator now.

Carpet upstairs

Stairway, I have to get mentally prepared to tackle these everyday!

View from the rear

Neighbors (lol)...It seem like its a thousand of them greeting you has you enter/exit the community.

It's getting harder each time to leave, I am so ready to begin moving. In the meantime, it's PACKING, PACKING, PACKING! Did I say how much I hate PACKING? Well, it has to get done, so might as well get to it!


  1. It all looks fantastic....WOW....a little over 2 weeks to exciting!!!

  2. Thanks BD.. I am excited.. Can't believe the time is almost here.

  3. PACKING STINKS!!! lol But the more you can get done now, and the more organized you can be about it, the better for later!

    Everything looks sooo good!! SO exciting!!!

  4. @Noey, yes it does. I'm trying best not to procrastinate. Thanks!

    How is the moving and unpacking?

  5. Well, we finally have everything here!! It took 2 26 ft truck loads to get it all here. lol So now we're unpacking and putting up lights and blinds. It's going to take some time with that much stuff, but we're getting there. By Friday we hope to be completely settled! =)

  6. Your house looks amazing! The hardwood looks great, the windows and doors are really nice and the arch is looking better than ever!